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Having a voice on the job means better pay, better health care, a more secure retirement, and so much more. It means having a say in safety, staffing, and other important issues that help AFSCME members do their jobs and keep America running. We win these improvements and others through our collective bargaining agreements that we secure together. 

But a new state law puts everything we’ve won and all we could win at risk. If at least 60% of us are not signed up as members, our contract could disappear.Anti-worker politicians want to take our hard-earned union contracts away from us - putting our pay, benefits and even our job itself subject to the whims of our boss.

But if we stay AFSCME strong we can save our contract.  

30 percent more union workers partcipate in employer-provided health care than those not in unions.

Unionized workers make nearly $10,000 year a more than workers who aren't in unions.

60 percent more union workers have a defined-benefit pension plan than non-union workers.

SIGN to stay AFSCME strong today.

By signing a new membership card and asking your friends at work to sign as well, we can save our contract and protect our future at work.