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Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality (PEOPLE)

As public employees, we have the unique ability to elect government officials who determine our quality of life both in the work place and at home. Our wages, benefits, working conditions, health care, retirement security – and even whether we have jobs at all – are directly impacted by those we elect to public office. How different do you think your life would be if politicians were on YOUR side, urging management todo the right thing?

That’s why active engagement in the political process is absolutely critical to our future.

When you contribute to the AFSCME PEOPLE program, you are stepping up and making a commitment to the political power of your union, your family, and your coworkers. Together, through the PEOPLE program, we help elect candidates who fight for the interests of working families and hold accountable elected officials who do not.  

For as little as $4 or $5 or $10 per pay period you can step up as a PEOPLE MVP and have an even stronger voice in the political process!

PEOPLE contributions go to help elect candidates who stand for what matters to AFSCME members:

  • Strong contracts
  • No contracting out
  • Affordable health care
  • Retirement security
  • No cuts to vital public services

Contribute Online Now!

Politics is part of AFSCME's DNA. Federal election law and some state laws prohibit using dues for campaign contributions and other political activities. The AFSCME PEOPLE program is the ONLY way we can directly influence who gets elected to office.

For more information on the PEOPLE program and materials please contact Sergio Cantu, Florida's Political Action Representative.