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AFSCME Florida Statement on Cost of Investing in State Employees

Mark McCullough
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AFSCME Florida released the following statement following comments from state legislators on the budget impact of investing in the state’s workforce:

"For more than eight years, Florida's dedicated state workers have sacrificed, done more with less and put the needs of the state ahead a pay raise. Every year, we are told that there is enough money to spend on giveaways to big businesses and enough pork to grease the wheels for reelection back home. But when it comes to helping state workers putting food on the table there is suddenly a budget crisis that prevents it.

"Enough is enough. In a budget of $80 billion there is more than enough to invest in our state's future by investing in those that will make it happen. At this early stage there seems to be some in the legislature ready to lead, but not enough. We look forward to working with those leaders to educate others on why investing in state workers is not just long overdue but a down payment on a stronger Florida."