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This year, the Florida Legislature passed SB 256. This legislation is going to greatly impact public sector unions like ours. This law has made it much harder for workers to achieve the respect, compensation and dignity we deserve.

If we do nothing, our contract and all the protections we have will disappear. Or we can stand up, sign an AFSCME membership card at, get our coworkers to sign cards and protect our right to bargain for the pay, benefits and protections we have earned.


Despite bipartisan opposition in both the Florida Senate and the Florida House, we could not overcome the anti-union forces that will benefit from giving our bosses total say over every aspect of our jobs. To retain the benefits of our local unions and our contracts the new law mandates:

  • Everyone in public sector locals, even existing AFSCME members, will have to sign new membership cards at that are different than the cards used in the past.
  • We must have 60% membership in our union. Meaning if at least 60% of us do not sign a card, our contract will go away because our union will disappear.
  • No longer will our employer take dues out of our paycheck. To pay dues there is a new process that we must follow at

If we fail to meet the 60% membership requirement, we will no longer have the protections or benefits of our contract. We will no longer be able to bargain for pay raises, health benefits or safe working conditions. We won’t have a voice on the job.


Our work to win a better future at the bargaining table is far from done so we must all step up and work like we’ve never worked before. We cannot ignore what we face nor can feel the goal is impossible.

  • Sign your card at and convert your dues right away.
  • Ask your friends at work to sign their cards so we can meet the goal.
  • Stop by worksite events and show your support for keeping our contract!

What difference does a union make for you? Find out!